Bi Energy And Electric Booms

MB26 –  Dingli MB26 – JLG EB30 – JLG EB30 – Genie
Working Height 11.20m 9.90m 10.10m 10.89m
Length 2.72m 2.82m 2.82m 3.66m
Capacity 200kgs 200kgs 200kgs 227kgs
Weight 2950 kgs 2,650kgs 2,990kgs 6,450kgs
EB33 EB34 BB34 BB34(4×4)
Working Height 12.00m 12.52m 12.20m 12.20m
Length 4.17m 5.72m 4.10m 4.10m
Capacity 200kgs 227kgs 200kgs 200kgs
Weight 3,671kgs 5,171kgs 3,100kgs 3,330kgs
BB45J BB45G HB45 – Genie HB45 – Dingli
Working Height 15.72m 15.92m 15.92m 16.07m
Length 6.45m 6.83m 6.94m 7.05m
Capacity 230kgs 227kgs 300kgs 250kgs
Weight 6,700kgs 7,620kgs 6,379kgs 7,780m
BB47N HB50 BB50N
Working Height 15.4m 17m 17.20m
Length 6.30m 6.30m 6.30m
Capacity 225kgs 225kgs 225kgs
Weight 6,680kgs 4,750kgs 7,200kgs





BB60 – Genie BB63 EB68
Working Height 20.16m 20.80m 22.21m
Length 8.15m 6.65m 9.50m
Capacity 227kgs 225kgs 250kgs
Weight 7,756kgs 6400kgs 9500kgs


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